Brian Reed



A Vague Delusion series
2014 | Xerox print and graphite on 150gsm black paper
29.7cm W x 42cm H | Unique version | Signed on reserve sticker


Sequence Clause
2013 | Mixed paints on mdf and wood
Artwork: 19.8cm W x 14.7cm H x 4.4cm D
Perspex box frame: 22cm W x 17cm H x 7cm D


I trust in cultural co-operation

2012 | Xerox print on 150gsm paper
42cm W x 29.7cm H
Edition of 50 + 5AP

Untitled Gallery


Wasted Ideals

2009 | Household Paint
396cm W x 244cm H x 42cm D

CARTER presents | Off site exhibition


Empire Surge

2010 | Household Paint
Dimension variable

CARTER presents

Ideology Converter

Ideology Converter

2009 |
Gloss and acrylic on cardboard and wood
183cm W x 122cm H


Defective Provider

2008 |
Gloss and acrylic on cardboard and wood
122cm W x 89cm H


Underage Sale

2004 |
Gloss and acrylic on cardboard and wood
80cm W x 241cm H x 4.5cm D



2007 | Acrylic lettering on light box

Savage Sculpture Garden Window Gallery


Practice Loyalty

2006 |
Household paint and Varnish

VOTLA 02 | UNION Gallery

Vertikaler Kreuzzug

Vertikaler Kreuzzug

2006 |
Household paint
9m W x 3m H

West Germany Gallery Berlin


There Is No Saviour

2003 |
Household paint and sand on wood with lights
96.6cm W x 106.4cm H x 14cm d

Private collection


Advance Warning

2003 |
Household paint
7m W x 3.5m H

VTO Gallery


Same Day Cleasning

2003 |
Household paint on cardboard
approx. 60cm W x 40cm H

Private collection


Protect children

2004 |
Household paint on wood and cardboard
63cm W x 48cm H

Private collection

Reduced Labour

2005 |
Household paint on wood and cardboard
69.9cm W x 48cm H

Private collection

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